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Kenotic Conversations for Growth and Change

What is Coaching

Explore what makes coaching a unique paradigm for helping others distinct from counseling, mentoring, consulting, supervising, or spiritual direction.


Catalzye coaching defines growth as a change in beliefs, values, and motives anchored on four theologically rooted principles. Learn about the GEAR model and how to coach for growth.


The nature and quality of the coaching relationship directly effects the client's growth. Explore how to relate authentically and with virtue to accelerate growth.


Rooted in a postive theology of humanity, coaches leverage the concept of structure to avoid evaluating, diagnosing, or problem solving.


Coaching and coaching relationships, like flying, have a takeoff, navigate, and land phase, each with unique priorities.


Coaching relies heavily on the coach's ability to listen by replacing their akenotic listening habits with kenotic habits.


Questions propel the coaching conversation through the conversational airspace, moving it up, down, and around to ensure the client's topic is well explored, anchored to BVM, robustly planned, and actionable.

Beliefs, Values, Motives

The Catalyze GEAR model for growth focuses on progressive transformation of beliefs, values, and motives. Learn how to identify and explore BVM to enhance transformation.


Goals convert wants, wishes, hopes, and dreams into action. Explore the depth of SMART goals that are anchored in performance research.


Goals without plans are mere wishes. Explore how help clients structure their pursuits using PATHS


Assess conversations compare actual progress to plans generating actionable feedback that gets the pursuit back on track.


Reflection is the key to identifying, examining, and defining changes to beliefs, values, and motives.

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Dr. Stephen Shaffer

Director of Coaching and Discipleship, Mission Alive; Pastor, Coach, Trainer, Entrepeneur

Dr. Stephen Shaffer brings a diverse background to his roles as congregational leader, Professional Certified Coach with the ICF and as the director of Coaching and Discipleship for Mission Alive. He holds BS and MS in Physics, MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, MDiv, and DMin degrees. Stephen enjoys life with his wife Becky and their five adult children.

Tod K. Vogt

Executive Director, Mission Alive

Executive director of Mission Alive (missionalive.org), a ministry devoted to planting innovative churches throughout North America and training leaders. He is a trained spiritual director and holds a Master of Arts degree in Communication and a Master of Missiology. Tod is a proud husband to his wife Candace and father to two adult children.

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